Order Processing

  • ERP systems help ensure all orders are processed with speed and efficiency
  • 100 staff members consisting of experienced Merchandisers, Sourcing Managers, Quality Controllers & Production/Sample Executives are always available to handle orders at various stages

Sampling section

  • Experienced Pattern Masters & Sample Tailors turn sketches/photos into garments within a week
  • All garments are dummy-fitted to ensure a good fit
  • Gerber Accomack Cad System is used for grading and efficient material planning
  • Our SMS division with around 60 machines & production capacity of 2000 pieces per month provides bulk salesman samples ranging from 35-80 pieces/per style


  • Compliant Factories with around 1000 Machines
  • Our in-house washing and embroidery facility is equipped with the latest Japanese machines
  • We have an extremely strict “No Child Labor” policy
  • We employ experienced & highly trained staff operators to ensure quality standards are maintained
  • Our production capacity is 300000 per month

Quality Assurance

  • A strong Quality Assurance team consisting of experienced Quality Controllers meticulously check the quality of production regularly
  • They follow the 2.5 process to ensure all comments and AQL is maintained
  • All shipments are finally inspected by external agencies along with our QA teams in addition to buyer inspection

Lead Times

  • With time flexibility and customer demands in mind, we have two delivery options.
  • Main collection is a standard delivery style taking around 8 to 10 weeks with regard to bulk orders.
  • Our express collection is a fast paced delivery for smaller orders that take from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Quality and requirements come first and hence we do SMS (Sales sample orders) within 4 to 6 weeks after receiving the brief.